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With budgets tight and the competition roaring, companies can’t afford to waste time and money.  The importance of productivity grows when you consider a highly paid, deeply strategic workforce; a team tasked with completing a project vital to the future of your company, or a large number of people handling thousands of processes where second could mean millions.

Organomics productivity training and coaching takes your team through a half-day or full day workshop to educate them about the personalized nature of organizing. With everyone on the same page, our consultants return for 3 individual coaching sessions for everyone who went through the training. The sessions bring extreme personalization to each person and also help them to focus on common goals across a company or within a team. Specialized sessions are available for teams who want to understand how to better work together based on what they have learned.

What should you expect as outcomes?

When you’re ready to plug into Organomics® time savings, sense of control, and extreme personalization, you can consider the options below or move forward with a few simple steps to make Organomics happen for your organization.

5 Simple Steps


3 Ways to Engage

  1. Identify the Right Start Place

    We work with your key stakeholders to make sure we identify a high value, right-fit starting place for Organomics.

  2. Conduct An Initial Interview

    Once we have the right approach identified, we conduct an interview to better understand and better ensure success on the project.

  3. Finalize The Playbook

    We create a detailed project plan to make sure we are all on the same page about what needs to be done.

  4. Complete All Agreements

    Agreement is key. It’s not just about paperwork, we agree on paper about the decisions we’ve made together.

  5. Execute Organomics

    Execution is what we do. Step by step, moment by moment execution of the plan to make sure your organization gets the expected return. Our group training is all about knowledge and skill transfer, our individual consulting personalizes a proven set of organizing skills for everyone involved.

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Executive Test Drive

The executive test drive makes Organomics real for 1-5 key executives in your organization. We take your executives through a highly personalized experience with the principles of Organomics before you expand the impact of productivity to a specific project or team.

This is the high value, quick impact way to engage with Organomics. Consider the ROI on a minimal investment when your key executives gain up to 4 hours of productivity in every week. For an executive making $150,000 annually, that is a return of $15,000 annually. For an executive making $250,000, that’s a return of $25,000.



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Project Acceleration

The project acceleration engagement brings Organomics principles to a team of 15-25 people newly involved or just about to start a strategic project. We suggest you identify a project where time and execution are critical. Build success into the project by buying back up to 4 hours for everyone involved in the project, as well as, laying a foundation for that team to work better together.

This engagement with Organomics provides you with project assurance, plus a significant cost savings potential for your overall project.  If the average cost of personnel on your project makes $100,000, you can potentially save $200,000 on your overall project, along with reducing your overall project completion time by 1,600 hours on a 20 week project with 20 people. If time is not an issue, then consider what you would do with those hours to increase the output of innovation or business acceleration.



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Organizational Pilot

The organizational pilot is perfect for a group or division that is newly formed or tasked with goals that significantly impact the overall company.  Pick 15-25 individuals with representations from executives, managers, individual contributors, and administrators.

This broad representation will yield a cross-organizational return, with productivity gains seen at different levels in the organization. You can expect compelling success stories to help extend the Organomics program to other parts of your company.  You’ll find managers talking to other managers and executives willing to share their success with others. When executives and admins come as a pair, we often find they are also excited to evangelize their new found ability to work better together for an even more valuable return on investment.



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