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Organomics for Professional Organizers

One of the greatest challenges of becoming a professional organizer is being able to compete with a growing number of people entering the field. Business is difficult to find and when you find it, you also find yourself in competitive situations where it’s difficult to stand out. While many books have been written on how to organize, it’s still hard to find good practical advice on how to organize.

Organomics® Coaching and Training provide professional organizers with clear differentiation, solid foundational principles for organizing, and the opportunity to gain mastery over the art of helping people find freedom in order.

What should you expect as outcomes?

When you’re ready to gain a competitive advantage with Organomics® extreme personalization, proven principles, and unique pathway to freedom, you can consider options or move forward with a few simple steps toward building a winning business.

4 Simple Steps


2 Ways to Engage

  1. Determine Your Initial Course of Action

    Determine the level of involvement you’d like to have with Organomics.

  2. Complete the Organomics Contact Form

    Provide us with your basic contact information and answer a few questions.

  3. Dialogue with Organomics Leaders

    We take professional organizing seriously. We hope you do too. We like to have some dialogue to get a sense for how you might fit with the Organomics principles of personalization. The dialogue is two-way. We want you to make the determination if Organomics is really for you.

  4. Finalize All Contracts

    In order to protect the Organomics brand and way of doing business, we ask you to agree to our standards of doing business and make a commitment to a certain standard of educational excellence.

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Organomics® Coaching

Organomics Coaching provides you with a basic understanding of the principles of Organomics. In addition, your coaching sessions provide you with insight into how the principles apply to your existing client. We start with a minimum of 5 coaching sessions and determine where to go beyond those encounters.

What should you expect as an outcome of coaching?

  • Gain familiarity with the principles of Organomics
  • Understand how some of the principles help you unleash the organizer within your client
  • Learn from the experience of consultants with more than a decade of experience



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Organomics® Training

Organomics Training is the best foundation for all organizing professionals. It includes two full days of training and workshops designed to make you proficient in using the principles of Organomics to engage a broad range of clients. The training includes 6 follow-on coaching sessions to fine tune what you learn based on the real-world specifics of your client engagement.

What should you expect as an outcome of training?

  • Gain proficiency in using all Organomics principles in your organizing business
  • Build trust relationships with your current clients to increase referral and repeat business
  • Improve the “stickiness” of organizing for your clients for more success stories



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