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Organomics for My Home or Office

Out of control. It’s not uncommon for our clients to feel like they have lost control.

“My bathroom counter is cluttered. I walk over clothes on the floor, past a dirty kitchen and mounds of unopened mail.“

“When I arrive at my office, I find piles of paper on my desk, thousands of emails in my inbox, hundreds of them never opened, and a long list of unfinished projects and tasks. On some days, I don’t even want to walk into my office.”

Organomics provides a safe place for you to explore the possibilities of organizing and discover the organizer within. Our consultants listen to better understand how you think and work. With your personality, preferences, and work style in mind, they guide you to a highly personalized organizing system. In many cases, they will tap into the “one thing” you already have organized to uncover the secret to your organizing style.

We offer home organizing in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Denver Metro Area.

What should you expect?

When you are ready to start your Organomics® journey toward healthy organization in an extremely personalized fashion, you can consider options or move forward with a few simple steps to make Organomics real for you.

4 Simple Steps


3 Ways to Engage

  1. Identify the Right Start Place

    We dialogue with you to identify a starting place for Organomics with a high likelihood to succeed.

  2. Make the Decision

    We walk you through the decision to move ahead with your Organomics journey.

  3. Take Time to Understand

    We take time to understand your unique situation, personality, preferences, and environment.

  4. Work Together

    Our consultants work together with you to create a highly personalized solution for your home or office organizing.

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Office Quick Start

The Office Quick Start makes Organomics real for busy executives or individuals wanting to accelerate their career path. We book at least three sessions to walk you through a highly personalized experience with the principles of Organomics as an accelerator to a specific project, goal, or work space.

This is the high value, quick impact way to engage with Organomics, especially when you have specific results you want to achieve on the job and you want to clear the path to get there. Reordering your work day and your work space around your individuality provides a return that can’t be measured in dollars.



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Home Base Project

The Home Base Project identifies a clear starting place for gaining back control of your living space. Our Organomics consultants work with you to identify a sure-win starting place. Then we provide highly personalized suggestions, in three separate sessions, to reclaim that space for you.

It’s amazing the way success in a single space will give you the confidence to bring order to new areas of your life. As you begin to discover the organizer within, you gain the hope to continue on your journey.



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Home or Office Makeover

The home or office makeover takes a longer term approach to transformation. Building on the foundation of either an Office Quick Start or a Home Base Project, we work with you, side-by-side, for 15-25 sessions spread over a 6-12 month period. Your confidence will build over time and before you know it, your entire office or home will take on the appearance of you newly discovered ability to put things in order.

Imagine the freedom that comes with having your life back in order. You’ll find more clarity to see, peace to relax, and more time to do what you really want to do. That is the beauty of Organomics!



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