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Freedom in Order

Nothing is more personal than your space and nothing is more valuable than your time. That’s why Organomics created a highly personalized approach to help you take control of how you spend your time and where you live your life.

Imagine increasing productivity and regaining up to four hours of your time every single week. Consider working and living in an environment where you know where to find things, feel a sense of control, and know that it was designed for you. That’s Organomics.

Organomics takes professional organizing and makes it personal. Learn how your personality, preferences, and work style provide a backdrop for order in your life. Work with someone who considers your unique set of work and the space where you work and live before jumping in to suggest how things might best work. Experience training that gets you and your colleagues on the same track of organization.

What is Organomics?

Because your life spans both home and office, we can begin our journey with you in either place. Choose from the following:

I’d like to learn more about Organomics before I move ahead.

I’m an executive or team leader and would like to learn about Organomics for my team or my company.

I’d like to learn more about Organomics for my personal career.

I’d like to start my Organomics journey in my home.

I’m a professional organizer and I’d like to learn more about the principles of Organomics.

Or·ga·no·mics \ or·ge·nä·miks \ n:

1 a set of principles that guide people to organize their world based on personality, preference, and work style;
2 a path to freedom experienced by individuals who discover the organizer within;
3 a combination of ergonomics and organization. Ergonomics is the science of the relationship between the worker and the working environment. Organization involves arranging, processing, and systemizing. It is the act of forming an orderly, functional, structured whole.

Organomics® adapts your environment to your individuality. Experience the freedom of having your home and office feel like an extension of who you are personally. Like the shape of the keyboard and the support of a chair make a worker more productive, a personally organized office or home can multiply productivity and bring back the enjoyment of being in your home or office.

  • Rediscover enjoyment by creating an environment that works for you
  • Regain the confidence of quickly finding anything in your home or office
  • Reduce your stress level with an orderly surrounding
  • Revitalize your creativity by minimizing your distractions

Organomics for My Company

Everyone feels overworked. For companies or leaders who would like to see their teams more productive and aligned, Organomics provides the blend of training and coaching. Participants can expect significant time savings, a renewed sense of control, and extreme personalization to increase the likelihood of continued success.

Organomics for My Home or Office

Life is complex.  Organomics helps you take control of your work environment and experience a greater sense of confidence to bring order to other areas of your life. Organomics consultants can also help you bring back the enjoyment of living in your home by helping you organize your closets, home office, garage, basement, kitchen, and more.

Organomics for Professional Organizers

Organized people want to help others. For professional organizers who often find themselves in competition for new business, Organomics offers a clear competitive advantage. Our training programs give you the most personalized organizing approach in the industry, creating a distinct, competitive advantage.