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Organomics® was founded in 1996 with a simple notion that everyone is uniquely equipped to bring order to their world. Our mission is to lead people to freedom by unleashing the organizer within them. Our vision: we see a world where people are free to enjoy work and life because they make the most of their time, keep control of their environment, and leave space to enjoy all that life has to offer.

We operate on five founding principles.

People matter most.

We understand that Organomics is all about the people. We pay careful attention to the way people are wired, creating space for healthy expression from the heart.

Order is innate.

Hidden inside every heart is a code that unlocks that person’s ability to bring order to their world. Their DNA holds the secret to order that gives them space to enjoy life the way they were meant to enjoy it.

Respect takes precedent over practice.

Organomics always gives intimate consideration to the individual. Because everyone is unique and uniquely gifted, we create the most personalized organizing systems ever by respecting their personality, preferences, and work style.

Safety first.

Organomics is always a safe place. There is no shame in the struggle to get organized and no shame in the entrapment of over organization. We always provide a safe place for people to journey toward just enough order to find what they need and free enough to enjoy what they have.

Freedom gives us hope.

There is something about Organomics that brings freedom to people. This is reflected in everything we say and do. When people realize they are on a journey toward freedom, it brings them hope.

The Organomics Team

Michelle Santaferraro

Founder and Chief Organizing Officer

Michelle is responsible for creating and maintaining the principles of Organomics that have changed the way professional organizing is done. She founded Organomics® in 1996. With 21 years of experience as a professional organizer, Michelle has developed the principles of Organomics to help organize clients based on their personality, preference, and work style. This unique approach to organizing has received national acclaim among the Fortune 500 companies and is still immensely relevant to the home environment. Currently located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, Michelle offers her expertise in the Denver Metro Area as well as training and coaching nationally.  Michelle has also served on the board of directors for both the Colorado and San Francisco Bay Area Chapter’s of NAPO [The National Association of Professional Organizers].

John Santaferraro

Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

John is responsible for the leadership, direction, communications, sales and marketing of Organomics. In addition to co-founding Organomics with Michelle in 1996, he has has co-founded a software company, founded a consulting company, and held executive positions in companies including Hewlett Packard, Tandem Computers, and Compaq Computers.